Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1 in Summary

Quotes of the day:
"I love how there are chickens just wandering around over there. Although, I haven't seen them since that pack of dogs came through the orchard earlier..." (don't worry, they reappeared)
"So I bet him a bottle of 1 Barrel.* That's this really good juice they make here in Belize. From sugarcane.... so I won a bottle of rum. I mean juice."**
"Anyone have vertigo? No? Because if you fall and hurt yourself, I will beat you."
"I'll chuck a ball at a round thing."***

Things I saw today I've never seen before:
1. REALLY free range chickens
2. orange trees
3. a ferry operated by a hand crank
4. colorful cemeteries
5. an allspice tree
6. a lone cow grazing in a cemetery
7. a group of children attempting to get coconuts out of a tree, first with a long pole and then by climbing

Things I did today I've never done before:
1. Heard a rooster crow.
2. Eaten buttered tortillas for breakfast.****
3. Bought fruit on the street.
4. Taken a ferry across a river that could easily be spanned by a bridge.
5. Climbed a pyramid.
6. Played Bingo in Spanish.

Fun fact of the day: There were more people living in Belize in prehistory than there are now. Like, three times more.
Fun fact of the day #2: There are "cow problems" at the Baking Pot site. As far as I can tell, cows just wander around the area, and they mess things up and knock things over and sometimes fall into pits. Should be interesting.

Will try to write in more detail tomorrow. Need shower. Site orientation tomorrow, and then I start out on the excavation rotation.

* What we were drinking in the airport
** This quote and the next one are from the archaeologist directing the project. He's awesome.
*** Basketball. What were you thinking?
**** Or at all.

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